National Organizing Committee

National Organizing Committee

Sr. # Name of Organizer Session Title Designation

14th March 2023

1 Prof Dr. Ijaz UVAS Dr Khalid Mehmood IUB Animal Health-I Professor Assistant Professor
2 Dr.Ghazanfar Ali Chisti UVAS Prof Dr Saima Animal Nutrition and Feed resources Socio-economic aspects of Animal Production Lecturer Assistant Professors
3 Dr.Umar Zafar Khan UAF and Dr.Hassaan Bin Aslam UVAS Biotechnology and Antimicrobial Resistance Assistant Professor Assistant Professor
4 Dr Syed Aziz ur Rehman Human-Environment-Livestock Nexus Under Climate Change and Impacts of Climate Change and Human Decisions on Livestock Health and Wellbeing Assistant Professor
5 Engineer Shafqat Bhatti Water Management and Crises Chief Eng Irrigation ®

15th March 2023

1 Prof Dr.Ijaz UVAS Dr Khalid Mehmood IUB Animal Health-II Professor Assistant Professor
2 Dr Syed Aziz ur Rehman Issues and Challenges towards Sustainable Livestock Production Climate-smart Livestock Production and Developing Countries. Assistant Professor
3 Dr.Muhammad Zahid Farooq International Seminar on understanding CPEC to help address food security and climate change challenges of Pakistan Lecturer
4 Dr.Muhammad Zahid Farooq Issues and Challenges to the Livestock Sector in Pakistan Lecturer
5 Prof Dr.Ijaz UVAS Dr Khalid Mehmood IUB Prof Dr Maimoona Ch Animal Health-111 and Public Health Professor Assistant Professor Professor
6 Dr Hayyat Jaspal Value Addition of Meat and meat products Meat Technology
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