Conference Session Themes

Conference Session Themes


This conference  aligns with ONE health principle of inter relationship between Animal soil and environment. employing inter disciplinary approach involving animal scientist, geneticist, nutritionist, environmentalist, animal welfares’, animal virologist and other health related field of study to assess and apply objective method to optimize the wellbeing of man, animal and its environment. The service sector is one of the fastest growing branches of the world economy. Our strategy aims to improve professional knowledge in livestock service delivery systems by increasing the awareness of Veterinary professionals to provide animal health and extension services, as well as address some of the historical challenges that are neglected in the curriculum e.g climate change, soil and water conservation , biosecurity and neglected diseases of public health importance. The conference will not only address the  gaps in knowledge but will also suggest  policy initiative to be taken in to consideration at government level.


The conference focuses on the neglected areas of soil and water conservation, neglected vector borne diseases of livestock, zoonotic diseases, climate change and livestock along with e-commerce and  international  trade requirements . The conference will provide recommendations in the above mentioned areas and policy initiatives for government line departments for collaborative approach


This conference will help in bridging national  government departments and private sector  to strengthen the collaboration at the human-animal interface . The major significance areas will be:

  1. Policy coordination
  2. Facilities connectivity
  3. Unimpeded trade
  4. People-to-people bonds
  5. Neglected Extension services
  6. Although the Belt and Road Initiative is primarily economic, it also includes important health dimensions. Health is as one of the national policy priorities in Pakistan and China.

Themes and Sub Themes:

The conference would cover the wider main theme. Sub-themes are presented to cover in depth issues within main theme as under:

14th March 202315th March 2023

Technical Session 1

Main Theme: Animal Health
Sub theme: 1.Neglected Vector Borne Diseases zoonotic

Sub Theme:  2.Vector Borne zoonotic

Technical Session 1

Main Theme:Animal Health-II

SubTheme: 1.Emerging Animal and Human Diseases in Pakistan
2. Emerging and re-emerging Diseases

Technical Session 11

Main Theme:  1.Animal  Nutrition and Feed Resources-
2. Socio-economic Aspects of Animal Production

Sub Theme: Creating options in animal nutrition and management

Technical Session 11

Main Theme: Issues and challenges towards sustainable livestock production
Sub-Theme: Climate-smart livestock production and developing countries

 Technical Session 111

Main Theme Current Practices and Challenges of Antimicrobial Resistance

Sub-Theme: One Health and Antimicrobial resistance

Technical session 111

Main ThemeCurrent Trends in Food Safety and Food Security

Sub-Theme: Policy making on Food Safety and Role of Livestock

Technical Session 1V

Main Theme: Human-Environment-Livestock nexus under climate change

Sub-Theme: Impacts of climate change and human decisions on livestock health and wellbeing

Technical Session 1V

Main Theme: Current Status and Challenges to Livestock Production in Pakistan

Sub-Theme: Management of available resources and Improvement of livestock Production

Technical Session V

Main ThemeWater Conservation and Management

Sub-ThemeManagement of Water Resources

Technical session V

Main Theme: Contagious Diseases of animals and their  effect on Public Health

Sub-ThemePrevalence and Diagnostic Techniques for Detection of Contagious Diseases

Technical Session V1

Main ThemeValue Addition of Meat and Alternate Protein Sources for Human Nutrition

Sub-ThemeInnovative Technologies and Nutritional Supplementation of Meat

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