International Speaker
International Speaker

Zhang Hui

associate professor

Personal Information

At present, he is mainly engaged in research on pathogenic mechanism of common diseases, nutritional metabolic diseases and toxic diseases of livestock and poultry. He taught undergraduate courses such as Veterinary Internal Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Pathology and Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Technology. Teaching postgraduate courses “advanced Veterinary Internal medicine”, “Advanced Clinical diagnostics”, “Veterinary Clinical practice”, “Veterinary clinical pathology”. In recent years, he published more than 20 papers in Environ Pollut, Sci Total Environ, Chemosphere, J Infect, Transbound Emerg Dis, Travel Med Infect Dis, Emerg Infect Dis, etc. He is the academic editor of Biomed Res Int, Pak Vet J, Front Microbiol, Front Vet Sci and other journals. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation, National Key Research and Development Program, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, Regional Joint Fund for Basic and Applied Basic Research of Guangdong Province, and Project for Young Innovative Talents of Colleges and Universities of Guangdong Province (Natural Science). In 2017, it won one third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Tibet Autonomous Region.

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